L.I.T.A. has been involved in the development and conduct of traineeships within the Harvesting and Sawmilling Sectors for several years and recently Forest Growing and Management.

What are Traineeships?

Traineeships are an integral part of the developing national training strategy.

It is a process whereby old and new employees can be given a structured and nationally recognised program to develop their skills in a nominated occupation.

  • The normal duration of the program is 2 years.  In that period the trainee is under a contract of training with the employer.
  • There is approximately 200 hours of off the job training and this can be taken in a variety of ways
    (Block Release, Day Release etc)
  • Training content can be negotiated to ensure it meets the needs of the employer.
  • Subsidies and incentive payments are available for employers that employ a trainee.

In Summary, traineeships are a great opportunity for prospective employees to enter the industry and for employers to have nationally accredited trained staff.

What Traineeships does L.I.T.A. offer?

  • Forest Growing & Management
  • Sawmilling & Processing
  • Transport & Logistics


WorkReady Traineeships:

  • Harvesting & Haulage (In progress, applications closed)



"Supported through WorkReady by the Government of South Australia" - Visit for eligibility criteria.