Forklift Training and Assessment

L.I.T.A. Training now conducts Nationally Accredited Forklift Training Courses and Assessment.

The course is undertaken over two days and consists of both theory and practical training followed by a formal assessment.

The classroom component will cover a range of topics including:

  • Safety procedures
  • Fork capacity
  • Pivot points
  • Load rating
  • Longitudinal and lateral stability
  • Centre of gravity

To complete the classroom training you will be required to undertake a theory assessment before moving on to the practical training which covers:

  • Forward driving and reversing the forklift
  • Lifting, stacking and de-stacking a load
  • Driving the forklift through a set course

Once you have gained the skills and confidence operating the forklift, you will then be required to undertake a practical forklift driving assessment to obtain your forklift licence.